Unforeseen threats never knock the door before their arrival; they just arrived and destroy everything that comes in the path. Establishing a secure business is not just about supply and demand. It is about the prevention and protection measures that you can put in place against cyber-crime, the consequences of an electronic attack, natural disaster, acts of terrorism and other events that would have a negative impact on your organization. In this paper our major focus on creating an effective and globally accepted business contingency plan, which is applicable on almost all type of business and their processes to handle any crises and smooth operation of their critical functions. This paper also focuses on need of BIA and discusses all the key aspect of BIA model for analyzing the impact of an unforeseen threat over a business critical function. In this paper we also try to provide a complete overview of existing business contingency and risk assessment model.
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Business Contingency Planning: A Road Map to Protect Company from Unforeseen Threats